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Children’s Choir

Дитячий Хор


Lana Lysogor


Have you ever heard the angels sing? If not, then be sure to hear the angelic voices of our Children’s Choir. Under the direction of Svitlana Lysogor, our Children’s Choir has performed at several Parish events, such as our Praznyk and Sviatchene. The Choir comprises of boys and girls, ages 6 to 12, and welcomes new members. Preparations are now being made to have them sing Liturgical Services.

Ви коли-небудь чули, як ангели співають? Якщо ні, то обов’язково почуйте ангельські голоси нашого дитячого хору. Під керівництвом Світлани Лисогор наш дитячий хор виступає на кількох парафіяльних заходах, таких як наш Празник та Свячене. Дитячий хор – хлопці і дівчата від 6 до 12 років. Радо приймаємо нових учасників. Зараз хор активно приготовляється до співу церковного богослужіння.

Nastia will be rehearsing with the children 1.5 hours/Monday = 5 hours/month. Can you tell me how much preparation time goes into the rehearsals/month?

It is difficult to count. If you have to write the song from YouTube, choose the repertoire or learn the music, it takes hours. When writing scenarios (Vertep, concert draft, etc.), it takes days; taping songs lyrics, communicating with parents via emails or Choir organization issues are hard to count.. We never counted it before; this is the music job’s specifics…I guess Myron Maksymiv can confirm it. Also, concerts, TV recordings or additional rehearsals were included in preparation time and we were never paid for these additional hours.

How did it work when you were handling the Choir when it came to fees? How much did the children pay/month or per year?

They paid differently, $40/month, second child – 50% off, third child – free. Some kids that recently came from Ukraine were free or paid minimum. Nastya’s kids were free. If the child was sick and did not attend, parents did not pay.

What did you do with the proceeds?

First, we paid our expenses (music copies, binders, pizza or snacks, savings to buy costumes or wreaths for girls, fee for occasional pianist or guest musician, fee for sound engineer to prepare minus CD, other occasional costs). After, the money was divided 50/50 between me and Nastya.